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Mileage Programmer

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  1. NEC Programmer

    NEC Programmer

    NEC Programmer   Attention: This product only have com port,does not have USB connector.   Description:   This device is a Dash Programmer or ECU Flasher designed for Vehicles using the NEC MCU such as Citroen, Peugeot, Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki, Renault, Opel, Alfa, Chevrolet (please refer to the Applicable Models below) that allows you to modify/reprogram your car’s computer...
  2. TMS370 Mileage Programmer

    TMS370 Mileage Programmer

    TMS370 Mileage Programmer Description:   The TMS370 is the best low cost programmer for ti tms microcontroller development, car radios and car dashboards programming. A serial port interface (com1, com2) connects the programmer to any desktop or laptop PC running windows 98 / 2000 / XP.   TMS370 Support Models for Car Radio Decoding   1. Delco geo 2. Delco opel CDR 500 3. Delco...
  3. Mileage Master PC

    Mileage Master PC

    Mileage Master PC   Supported Car List:   GM OPEL VOLVO KIA HONDA LEXUS TOYOTA NISSAN MITSUBISHI MAZDA PEUGEOT FIAT BENZ BMW AUDI SKADO VOLKSWAGEN FORD DAEWOO HYUNDAI OHTER   BMW 3Ser E36-SW22 CS56 E46 B58 SW23 C46#1 DIP SW23 C46#2 SMD X5, 5/7Ser E32 / 34 Brown C46 SW15 CS56 E32 / 34 Blue C56 97-98 CS56 E34 Green 24C02 99 CS56 SW05 / 07 CS56 SW13 / 17 CS66 SW11 CS56 SW16 CS66 SW12...
  4. BMW CAS3/9S12X BDM Programmer

    BMW CAS3/9S12X BDM Programmer

    BMW CAS3/9S12X BDM Programmer   Functions:   Connect to PC by usb port, Mileage correction for BMW CAS / MB EZS / DASHBOARDS / MODULES / with 912 / 9s12 / 9s12x MCU, in circuit programming ( no need removing mcu ), can read / edit / write eeprom of MCU, mileage calculation integrated in soft.   Supported Models:   BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS2 (9S12) BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12)...
  5. R250 Dashboard Programmer

    R250 Dashboard Programmer

    R250 Dashboard Programmer   Description:   You can use R250 to program Siemens/VDO new cryptography system R-250 R250 R 250 Golf5/Audi A3/TT 2006/2007 Dashboard Programmer VW Golf5/Passat 2006/2007 Dashboard Programmer All the software versions! In the year 2006, starting from May, Siemens/VDO has added a new cryptography system that avoids reprogramming. By using our new R250 interface...
  6. CAS3/912X/9S12X in Circuit Programmer

    CAS3/912X/9S12X in Circuit Programmer

    CAS3/912X/9S12X IN CIRCUIT PROGRAMMER   1.Character   1)No need to remove the micro from the board! You only connect 7 pins will be ok. 2)Works with Motorola/Freescale's HC12, HCS12, HCS12X SECURED MICROCONTROLLERS! 3)Connect PC via USB   2.Supportted MCU   MC912D60 MC912DX128 MC9S12DX64 MC9S12DX128 MC9S12DX256 MC9S12XDX512   3.Supportted Vehicle List   BMW...


    FIAT KM TOOL is easy to change most Fiat cars by OBD.   Fiat KM Tool Support list:   FIAT CAN KM TOOL via OBD2 Fiat Punto 99-2002 motorola Fiat Punto 99-2002 nec Fiat Punto 2002-2006 nec Fiat Ducato 2006/2007 95080 Fiat Doblo 99-2006 motorola Fiat Doblo 99-2006 nec Fiat Panda 2004-2007 95040 Fiat Panda 2004-2007 95080 Fiat Idea 2004-2007 95040 Fiat Idea 2004-2007 95080 Fiat Croma...


    OPEL KM TOOL   The software together with interface is designed for changing the state of kilometers in engine controllers EDC16 in OPEL cars. Everything takes place through diagnostic plug. The software is enriched in the possibility of changing dashboard in selected models. Set contains interface in professional plug OBD which is at the same time the key for activating the program,...


    VW AUDI KM Tool V2.5 is a KM adjust tool, it works with VW cars models such as Golf 5 Passat EOS Caddy Tiguan and Touran; works for AUDI A3 A8 R8 and TT.    Supported Languages: English / Deutsch / Italian / Portugal / Russian / Czech Software Version: V2.5 Update: Can not Update   VW AUDI KM TOOL V2.5 is a special tool for VW AUDI cars odometer correction.   Supporting Car...

Items 10 to 18 of 27 total

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