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Original YH ADM-300A Auto Digital Master

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Original YH ADM-300A Auto Digital Master

Original YH ADM-300A Auto Digital Master


ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III is one original ECU programming tool of YH. It is with high quality.


YH ADM-300A Specifications:


Audio Decoding, Reading IMMO Code, Airbag Resetting, Odometer Adjusting, ECU Programming, Data Programming and so on


YH ADM-300A Features:


SMDSIII is applicable to Audio Decoding, Reading IMMO Code, Airbag Resetting, Odometer Adjusting, ECU Programming, Data Programming and so on. It is the third generation software and hardware platform from YANHUA Electronics Co. , Ltd which is based on the second-generation. It is featured by web-orient, USB communication and online upgrade; there is a breakthrough on the terms of payment, operational security, and technological support.


1. Real-Time Upgrade ---- Product upgrade in zero cycle, upgrades now for immediately use. The G3 platform form two-server framework to support real-time models adding, to maintain synchronization with the manufacturer
2. Powerful Function ---- Owning more than 4000 kinds of programs and 20000 modules, and upgrading unlimited models.
3. Device Security ---- To upgrade the security level of the G3 platform comprehensively. The G3 products use the safety standard bank level, which is hardware anti-cracking, and software anti-copying to protect the users legitimate rights.
4. Easy Operation ---- Image-instructing operation, online network platform technical after sales support.
5. Flexible Payment---- Online charge, offline use, users choose the permanent license plan or pay- per- use plan.
6. Value-Added Services---- We offer personalized service and timely remote service with low-cost and high efficiency by online voice, video, file transfer and so on.
7. Personalized Products---- Choose the appropriate product function modules according to actual personal business needs, thus to eliminate bundled consumption completely.


YH ADM-300A SMDS III ADM-300A Applicable Models:


Basic Model Features


1. Popular models of Japan and Korea, occident and Asia.
2. IC models (24/25/95/93 series).
3. 05/08/11/12/NEC series CPU memory models.
4. TMS370 series CPU meter adjustment, IMMO reading code, and ECU programming.
5. OBD-II socket operation: Volkswagen Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW models.
6. CPU Meter of 03 Audi A4, Buick Business GL8,Honda CRV, Guangzhou Honda 3.0, Ford Mondeo, Samsung Dodge, etc.
7. Support the adjustment of Excavator time meter: Hitachi, Sheng-gang, Sumitomo, Yi-you, Komatsu, etc.
8. Support BMW M35080 meter split-free adjustment (apply to BMW 5/7 series after 2000).
9. IC, CPU airbag computer and Nearly one hundred kinds of audio decoding models.
10. IMMO code reading of Volkswagen, new Peugeot, Citroen and many other kinds of vehicles.


Expand Model Features


1. BMW 7 series CAS: OBD-II socket adjustment.
2. BMW new 1/3/5/7 series ( E87, E90, E91, E60, E6X, E66 CAS).
3. BMW MINI Series (after 2003 years), Land Rover Series .
4. Mercedes-Benz S, E, C series meter and EIS adjustment.
5. Mercedes-Benz W203/W211 meter: no need to deal with EIS, just use CAN cable to adjust.
6. Read and write encrypted CP of MOTOROLA series.
7. Domestic car SCM meter Adjustment.
8. Model of airbag, audio and IMMO code reading upgrade greatly.
9. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Lincoln, Ford, Chrysler, Land Rover, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Jaguar.
10. 08 years A6L, Q7 series, and A3, A6, A8, TT, Opel, Skoda, Beatles, Bora, Golf, Caddy, Touareg.



There are two payment method for you to upgrade the softwares or to do diagnostic work:
Permanent Authorization: A kind of one-time buyout license
Pre-pay Plan: You should order times for the use of function module by buying tokens. Every time you use the function model, you will spend the equivalent tokens as the fee of the use.
(The payment of this product is the second one: Pre-pay Plan. Every new product would give customers an account and password and complimentary 450 tokens, different cars will cost different tokens, generally 1-5 tokens per time, when you spend out the tokens, you can buy tokens from us. $1.58 one token)


YH ADM-300A Standard Configuration List:



YH ADM-300A Optional Configuration:



YH ADM-300A Main Unit, Cables and Adapters:


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